Final Battle of the CCP: The Biological Weapon for Unrestricted Warfare (Part I)

Translated by:Himalaya Hawk Squad

David‘s War Room Live 2020.02.27

Evidence of the Preparation for Unrestricted Warfare (1)

Adapted from the livestream broadcasting of David’s War Room on February 27, 2020. David, the host, used his logic mind analyzed a series of events happened early 2019 to prove that the CCP had prepared a perfect plan to attack US and the West.

There are 4 parts:
A. Domestic Preparation: a serial of events related to the outbreak;
B: International Preparation: from WHO to Event 201;
C. Additional Strategies to Achieve Unrestricted Warfare; and
D. The Timing – Why Now?

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A. Domestic Preparation:
A Serial of Events Related to the Outbreak (9:00-31:30)

In the part I, David collected and demonstrated a series of events that happened in 2019 to prove that the outbreak of COVID-19 is a part of the CCP’s unrestricted warfare and this has been planned for a long time. We will be presenting the facts and summarize the facts with discussions and questions for the readers to consider.

1. 2019-04-25, Wuhan, Hubei; Municipal Ebola Virus Emergency Drill.

On April 25th 2019, People’s government of Hubei Province conducted an emergency response drill for health-related crisis. Both the health commission of Hubei Province and the health command office of the Wuhan Military Games claimed that the drill was prepared for the Military World Games which will be held (6 months later) on October 18, 2019.

All the emergency rescue units from Hubei CDC (Center for disease control), Wuhan CDC, and Wuhan’s Jinyintan Hospital (one hospital involved in the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak) participated in the drill. The abovementioned centres are key units and departments responsible for the current Wuhan coronavirus disaster in Hubei province. There were about 300 personnel participated the drill

In this drill, there were 6 scenarios, including infected cases discovery and reporting, the transfer of the first diagnosed case, history analysis and pathogen detection, treatment, disinfection, close monitoring and outbreak assessment and management. There were about 35 sub-scenarios. The purpose of the drill was to enhance the capability of handling possible “imported virus” cases.

2. 2019-06-25, Changsha, Hunan; Joint Military and the City Health Emergency Incident Drill

On June 25, 2019, Military and the City Health Departments conducted a joint drill in Changsha, Hunan Province. The comprehensive drill included subjects like detection of virus, disinfection, outbreaks, and rescue etc. This drill was to enhance the overall commanding mechanisms and process of handling public health emergencies.

The key points of “the process to handle emergency incident” are involving detection of virus, disinfection, outbreak and rescue, and “a joint drill of military and local (civilians)”.

What does “military and local” mean? This means military and local work together. This is the same as what happened at Wuhan’s lock down. The guards who wore army camouflage uniforms patrolling the streets were not soldiers from military but civil Militia.

3. 2019-07-25, 31 Province and Xinjiang, The National Drill for Public Safety and Health Emergency Incident

The National Drills for Public Safety and Health Emergency Incident was held on July 25, 2019. This event was reported on multiple China National Radio and various platforms under China Central Television. There were 31 provinces, urban areas, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and National Health Commission participated in the event. This has been the first large-scale national drill for Public Safety and Health Emergency Incident in China since the outbreak of SARS in 2013. There were 8,200 people participated in the drill.

There was an iconic event that happened in Ningxia Yinchuan in 2019. Yu Xuejun, the director of the National Health Commission, announced the commencement of the drill. Well, the current head of the National Health Commission, these people who have been showing up every day on CCTV, for example, Gao Fu, as David mentioned previously.

4. 2019-08-23, [China Youth Online]; published an article, titled “You are only one international flight away from the infectious pathogen”.

It was still months away from the Military World Games. Why did they publish this? Let’s look at this, who has participated the drill? It was China-Japan Friendship Hospital. Does the name sound familiar to you, my fellow warriors? Isn’t this the one hospital conducting the clinical trial of Gilead’s Remdesivir? Yes, it is at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital.

At the same time, Chin Kei Lee, the WHO expert, praised that the CCP handled the infectious pathogen very well and allocated the resources very efficiently, etc.

5. 2019-09-18, Wuhan, Hebei; Local police, the airport, and the customs jointly staged emergency incident response drill

Local police, the airport, and the customs jointly staged a passenger on the inbound aircraft who was unwell and whose vital signs were unstable. It was clinically diagnosed was so-called new coronavirus. So this drill was an incident response drill to handle a new Coronavirus outbreak from an airplane. This is that much clear!

During this exercise, Wuhan Municipal Police Bureau, the airport, and the transport agency etc. departments participated.

6. 2019-09-18, Shenzhen, Guangdong, A Land-Air Joint Medical Emergency Drill

In Shenzhen, a forefront station of the disasters (Hong Kong Protest), A land-air joint emergency drill of medical rescue was held on September 18. This is a so-called civil drill that the civilian or militia will be responsible for the rescue and emergency Incident response drills.

We all know what happened in Hong Kong at that time, right? We must consider Hong Kong, the first gate to exterminate the CCP, all the time.

7. 2019-09-25 – 2019-9-27, Changning, Yibin; Sichuan Health Emergency Training Course

Sichuan Health Emergency Training course was held in Changning district, Yibin city, Sichuan. More than 140 Emergency Response Paramedics from 21 cities and 30 districts attended this training course. Do you noticed that the CCP have been performing such exercises and trainings intensively across the country in September, 2019.

8. 2019-09-27, Songyuan, Jilin; Emergency Drill of Plague Prevention and Control (Baicheng, Songyuan, Changchun, Siping)

On September 27, an emergency drill of plague prevention and control was held in Songyuan City, Jilin Province.

9. 2019-10-15, Zigong City, Sichuan; Five Provinces and Metropolitans (Upstream of the Yangtze River) Joint Health Emergency Drill

This was only 3 days before the opening of the Military World Games. There were six national teams with a total of more than 500 people from five provinces and metropolitan cities of the upstream of the Yangtze River jointly organized a health emergency drill in Sichuan.

10. 2019-10-18, Wuhan, Hebei; the 7th Military World Games.

On October 18, 2019, the Military World Games was held in Wuhan. This was a major event. At that time, CCTV reported it as a high-profile event. Wuhan also held the seventh open house day for military camps during the Military World Games. It was the warm-up event for the Military World Games. There were a large number of civilians there during the open house. You see, this was really a military-civilian integration. Visiting and drilling! Well played!

One old news reported that during the Military World Games held in Wuhan from October 18 to October 27, 2019, a total of 5 foreign athletes were sent to Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital due to imported infectious diseases during the competition, and the hospital immediately started infection control. The emergency plan for the isolation and treatment of these five infected patients have effectively controlled the spread of the infectious disease.

This was old news, however, a recent news release, titled “Five foreign athletes were suspected with viral infection and Jinyintan Hospital responded”. People thought this was another drill during the 7th Military World Games. However, the Director of the Jinyintan Hospital ‘responded’ to avoid rumors on February 23, 2020. Isn’t it interesting?

11. 2019-10-18, Foshan, Guangdong; City’s Ebola Emergency Incident Drill (Shunde Hospital of Southern Medical University)

At the same time that the military games were held in Wuhan, an emergency alarm was sounded in Foshan and “the city’s Ebola emergency incident drill was held in our hospital (Shunde Hospital of Southern Medical University)”. All of the units for epidemic prevention and control are here. Wasn’t this a state action?

12. 2019-10-21, Yunnan; The national vehicle-borne emergency prevention and control system and the tent-based emergency mobile epidemic prevention center were effectively integrated in Yunnan.

Lu Lin, Deputy Director of the Health Commission, Yunnan Province attend the drill. Lu Lin commanded that the national vehicle-borne emergency prevention and control system and the tent-based emergency mobile epidemic prevention center were effectively integrated in our province.

13. 2019-10-30, Beijing; National Hygiene and Health Commission: All previous mobilization and exercises have to be checked and accepted.

On October 30th, the National Hygiene and Health Commission produced a written record of a press conference at Office No. 2 Press Conference Room. All previous mobilization and exercises have to be checked and accepted.

You must understand the logic of the CCP. When the CCP assigned tasks to you, when the training was almost done, the drill was ending, the CCP would expect to receive reports, results, or briefing from you. Also, the leaders may provide their opinions and instructions. The CCP must know about this all the way (from the beginning).

14. 2019-12-28, Jiangyin, Jiangsu; Joint Public Health Emergencies Incident Drill at the port (a cruise ship)

The last but not the least, a drill on a cruise ship! Jiangyin Customs held a joint drill of public health emergencies at the port on December 18. David have discussed and thought by then the so-called patient zero from Wuhan has been spreading virus.

Please take a look on what they were wearing and how they were assessing? They were also investigating those who had close contacts (to the subject) on a cruise ship. Everyone must pay attention here – Why did they need to conduct a drill on a cruise ship?

Key Points and Questions of Part 1:

  • a. Do you ever see these provinces worked together in solidarity and have these provinces been so united? Why suddenly did all of them suddenly hold the emergency incident response drills and public health security exercise together?
  • b. After his sorting and analysis of all the information, David found a shocking phenomenon. The more severe areas of the epidemic, such as Wuhan and Sichuan, the more concentrated joint drills conducted (please see the map on first page), that is, the more drills took place, the worse the epidemic is now. They even planned drills at the airport and on a cruise ship. Don’t they sound familiar?
  • c. With such a large-scale drill, mobilization, planning, management, what did this tell us? The entire serious of activities were conducted and arranged by center of command of the CCP. In other words, all of these activities must be guided by the Red Header official documents. It’s just common sense. Each province has its own production, development, and finance and often does its own things
  • d. This must be an official request from the head office and this means you have to follow the orders. All provinces and municipalities must implement it concretely. Their names they used may be slightly different but the purpose of these drills is the same. These drills were to mobilize people, schedule resources, military training exercises, as well as data collection.

In summary, the drills have shown this is a nation-wide action from center of command to local to mobilize all resources. The CCP has planned this for a long time. The outbreak of coronavirus is part of its long-planned unrestricted warfare!

B: International Preparation: from WHO to Event 201

1. The WHO

This article pointed out why the WHO delayed the announcement of Wuhan’s epidemic a pandemic. The article called it a 425-billion reason! In a simple term, this is the value of a bond. The WHO has been involved in the bond issued with the World Bank. The WHO has been infiltrated badly by the CCP through BGY (Espionage, monetary bribery, or sensual sex seduction). Tedro also had to consider timing of the announcement if he announced too early and bad news can cause market fluctuations and economic losses. He also needs to advance the bond funds and deal with follow-up issues. The simple truth is that Tedro has his own interest to consider

2. Event 201

What is Event 201? Event 201 was held by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security with the partnership of the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This was a high-level pandemic exercise in New York City on the same day of the Military World Games in Wuhan on October 18, 2019. What a coincidence!

It was a conference that a simulated epidemic outbreak impacted 65 million people in the United States! The conference was actually for data analysis and sharing. In other words, the purpose of this conference was to establish a database with mathematical Modeling for an assumptive scenario that a large scope of epidemics occurring in some cities!

Is this a coincidence?

The key interests of key interest from those participating experts, including those from the WHO, the world’s health and epidemic prevention systems is the information and integrated data. The integrated data can facilitate capturing outbreak data, disease extent, severity and share the information across the borders, and provide information to the government for analyzing and decision making.

The fund supporting the team of University of Johns Hopkins was from Bloomberg!

The program had made a statement to disclose their modeling of the outbreak and spread in Event 201 is completely nothing to do with the current Wuhan virus –“We (Event 201) had nothing to do with this coronavirus and we’re not judging this on the basis of the Wuhan outbreak and our data was not based on the Wuhan outbreak.”

Why are they so nervous about this?

Let’s look at some facts first before making judgement or assuming the drill launched by the Gates Foundation and Johns Hopkins University has anything directly to do with Wuhan Biochemical Crisis.

  • a. After the outbreak in Wuhan, how much money did the Gates Foundation donate to the so-called frontline disaster areas? The Gates Foundation donated 80 million US dollars to the frontline, and immediately promised $100 million US dollars or $1 billion US dollars for vaccines, research and redevelopment and poverty alleviation in disaster areas.
  • b. About three or four days ago, Xi personally wrote to Bill Gates to express his gratitude. Thanks to the Gates Foundation for supporting China’s fight against coronavirus-induced pneumonia.
  • c. Where were the data sources for Event 201? Was this just a normal business activity? Why did the Event 201 simulate a disaster of 65 million infected people? Because using this, they wanted to be able to share information with the CCP simultaneously.

3. DXY

Where did the (COVID-19) data of china come from? This is the core. It comes from DXY and Johns Hopkins University’s data sources mainly come from DXY. It corresponded to the DXY and Dr. DXY. Now we know how the CCP feeds overseas of its real-time COVID-19 epidemic situation.

What is the function of DXY? The platform provides the outbreak map, refuting rumors, defensive protection, and real-time broadcasting the outbreak information!! We all know by now fabricated data and information are the CCP’s daily routine.

Here is the CCP’s database, the DXY. What’s the underlying meaning when you see the DXY is linked to the database of Johns Hopkins university? We have to understand its meaning.

This means the data of China’s epidemic outbreak map from Johns Hopkin University website where Americans have been following daily, is fake.

This is why the Wuhan Military World Games had to be carried out at the same day when Event 201, a partnership event between the Gates foundation and Johns Hopkins University. This project is to build a integrated database and data modeling through data sharing and the compatibility.

4. Twitter and the WHO.

The WHO is another main data provider about the outbreak.

Let’s see this message “Through Twitter we monitor the outbreak data and share it with the CDCs all over the world, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. “When you see the WHO and DXY, we know the CCP is the boss. Isn’t this clear?

The CCP uses data hackers to attack and frame you and now they share the same database…..What does this mean? This means all America’s outbreak data and those from the WHO, I have presented in one previous episode were fabricated. The worst thing is that they have all the outbreak data collected from all countries, technologies and all information.

We all have experienced with Twitters! The twitter accounts of our followers and fellow warriors have been blocked just because we spread the truth of the outbreak. Our HHS group’s twitter accounts have been blocked twice. Why? Isn’t it just because we have spoken the truth of the outbreak? Isn’t it just because we have twitted or re-twitted the truth to US’s anti-CCP law makers?

That is how they make all the truth-telling information disappeared, blocked, or changed. Then they make the outbreak in the United States! Fellow warriors, this is the Zen of killing! This is not like those happened in Hong Kong or back to Tiananmen using Tanks……

Through this database, the CCP can fabricated the data on this American’s website. They have been able to hack down the White house’s website. We have seen the number of pledging people stuck and stopped at 100 thousand. Of course, the CCP can fabricate the data on this website!

Why fabricate? This is the biochemical warfare!

This is a biological weapon. As soon as the epidemic outbreak is out of control, the CCP wins the battle. Also, as long as the CDC cannot see the true situation and the Americans take it lightly, the CCP also wins.

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