Mischa Twitter: How the CCP Ruling Hong Kong Like Mafia (1)


Author: Mischa @MischaEDM
Translator: ignorme, Inahurry

Please find Part II: The CCP Ruling Hong Kong Like Mafia (2)

Misha Twitter: The CCP Ruling Hong Kong Like Mafia

Miles Guo talked about the case of Cheung Tse-keung.

Cheung Tse-keung who kidnapped several Hong Kong billionaires. Cheung was arrested and killed in mainland China. At that time, the richest man in Hong Kong gave the Jiangs 50 million share equivalent of a listing company. The Jiangs should remember this. Transferring of these shares will always on record and the US government will also be able to find it. Because the maximum penalty is life in prison in Hong Kong, therefore Cheung was arrested in Zhuhai, China and executed by gun shots.

1. Do you remember there were several famous kidnapping cases in Hong Kong?

One mafia boss kidnapped several of rich businessman in Hong Kong?.

How can he do that? Who provided the messages (for their whereabouts)?

who hired him to kidnap them? who actually got the ransoms?

Li Jiacheng Li Zeju

Jiang Mianheng Jiang Maomao (Jiang Zhecheng)

Li gave Jiang 50 million equivalent shares of a listing company

All these gangsters involved were silenced. However, the US knows everything about this.

2. Cheung Tse-keung was born in Yulin city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. He smuggled into Hong Kong with his parents when he was 4 and then became permanent resident of Hong Kong.

An Armored Cash Truck Robbery

On July 12 1991, three men about 30 years old robbed a cash truck with loaded weapons and got a large amount of US and HK cash, equivalent 170 million HK dollars. In Sep, 1991, Cheung was suspected of this robbery and arrested. Then he was sentenced to 18 years in jail.

However, Cheung refused to accept the verdict and appealed. The judge considered the evidence of the witness’s deposition was insufficient. Cheung was released not guilty when appealed in Hong Kong Supreme court on June 22 1995.

Hong Kong justice must have been ‘tricky’ in 1995. Who got him out? What was he asked to do in return? After Hong Kong was reverted to Chinese sovereignty in 1997, his tasks were to control those Hong Kong’s rich businessmen. This is indeed a behavior of the biggest gangsters.

3. Serial Kidnappings of Hong Kong Billionaires

Less than one year after he was released,Cheung was arrested again on May 23,1996. The case was even more sensational. Cheung kidnapped Victor Li,the eldest son of Li Ka-shing, the chairman of Cheung Kong Group and the richest man in Hong K ong. Victor Li rided his luxury RV on his way back to his place on Shouson Hill Road on that day. Cheung and his gangs used their car to stop the RV and pointed Victor and his chauffeur with an AK-47 assault rifle and a handgun and even fired 2 shots at the RV.

Cheung,Li Ka-shing,Victor Li

The robber pulled Victor Li out of the RV forced him into their car and left the scene. They asked Li’s chauffeur to inform Li’s family about the kidnap. Cheung was very excited for the successful kidnap and kissed Li’s forehead.

Then he took Li’s clothes off with only his underwear and imprisoned him in a room of an abandoned chicken farm. Cheung, with bombs wrapped around his waist, went to Li’s house to negotiate ransom with Li Ka-shing.

Li Ka-shing was too scared to call the police and agreed to give Cheung 2 billion HK dollars. Li said: “I only have 1 billion cash and need to withdraw money from the bank if you want more.”

Cheung took 38 million first. Li gave him 40 billion originally but Cheung felt “4” was ominous (4 has similar phonics as “death” in Chinese). Later, Li Ka-shing gave him another 1 billion. Cheung Tse-keung successfully got 1.038 billion in total.

Coincidentally, this number is the same as the stock listing number of the Cheung Kong Infrastructure owned by Li. The amount of ransom has been written for its highest amount of ransom category in Guinness World Records. Li even advised him to use the ransom to buy stocks of his company or deposit those money in bank which would be inexhaust ible for the rest of his life.

After received the ransom, Cheung personally drove and released Victor Li outside of Excelsior. Li was intact with no harms.

4. Extremely spooky! Ghosts who were unwillingly killed by the CCP gathered together

The Kwoks, who owned Sun Hung Kai Properties, was the second richest family in Hong Kong,

On Sep 29,1997 (HK’s reversion to China was on July 1), Cheung Tse-keung abducted Walter Kwok Ping-sheung, the chairman of Sun Hung Kai Properties and the second richest person in HK. Cheung and his gangsters forced Kwokr to pull over and took him away in front the gate of his own mansion on Deep Water Ba y Road. He was imprisoned at a village house in New Territories.

5. If you were disobedient, we would make you suffer. There are a bunch of kidnapping after HK reverted to China which have made HK people terrified in fears. The kidnappers demanded Kwok to call his family for ransom but was refused. Cheung tortured him every day and after 4 days he coerced him to call his wife Kwong Siu-hing and ask her to prepare 2 bil lions HK dollars for ransom.

6. During the time he was abducted, if Kwok was disrobed, he would be put into a small wooden box with his twisted naked body every time. He was fed with only char stew rice and water. The Kwoks finally paid 600 million after several rounds of negotiation. But Cheung did not released Kwok immediately but one day after he got the money. The experience of being kidnapped and tortured has made him suffer from physical and mental harms and developed depression .

7. Kidnapping Li Ka-shing’s son came out of Cheung Tse-keung’s mouth afterwards. The story was adapted into movies and fictions, but how much truth was revealed.

8. The Kwoks was next to Li in fortune! Three gangsters separated after this kidnapping.

9. After these kidnappings, Cheung had also planned to kidnap Macau’s gambling magnate but was unsuccessful. Cheung fled to Mainland China in 1998 for alleged possession of explosives. He was then arrested by Guangdong police. In the end, Cheung was convicted and sentenced to death for crimes relating to illegal possession of explosives, kidnappin g and smuggling firearms.

何鸿燊 Ho Hung San, Stanley

10. Cheung and gangsters were taken care by the CCP. The Hong Kong tycoons should appreciate the CCP. Without the CCP, would any of you still be alive? One of the CCP’s doctrines is that the CCP is closer to you than your dad and mom. Li Ka Shing understood this principle very well. This is why his progress have always been successful.

Now let’s go back to Cheung. So Cheung was executed but where has his vast ransom been? What happened to his mansion in Mid-Levels on Hong Kong Island? Let’s hear what his mistress had to say.

11. Hong Kong court confiscated all of Cheung’s assets. At the end, Luo Yanfang, Cheung’s wife, took their two children fled to either Thailand or the US. In reality, they would never be able to keep those money for themselves! That was billions of Hong Kong dollars!

12. In fact, Luo Yanfang told one reporter in an interview that she only had less than one hundred million Hong Kong dollar wo rth of assets when she left Hong Kong for the US. Although this fund would allow Luo and her children to live a privileged life, where were all of the remaining illegal mon ey, more two billion Hong Kong dollars? It remains to be an unsolved mystery.

羅豔芳 Luo Yanfang

13. Miles Guo has said in one of his live broadcastings: We do not know how many have been killed but do you think all the survivors were living in good lives?

Zhang Ziqiang was a CCP underground member. “Shooting execution” was fake execution. At that time, two “criminal courts” were set up, saying that they were “worried that someone would riot the court.” Hundreds and thousands of armed police officers were stationed about the court. So on the streets, no one saw Zhang being shot. That year I saw the texts and photos of all the live reports, no picture of the body was identified. Why was this man so calm? My first instinct told me he was a double agent. It was the same routine as the Red Bandit era.

14. One of you mentioned the Foks of Hong Kong who obviously sold HK out! They hold stakes of the CITIC Group and what this means that Fok is practically a partner of the CCP.

Moreover, the Charoen Pokphand Group, Bangkok-based Thai conglomerate as well as Shimao Ltd are partners of the Jiang family (family of Jiang Zemin). During the prosperity of the CCP at the beginning of this century, these two families had big shares of it. Please pay attention to these when you are digging the information. There were tens of Hong Kong tycoons who had been kidnapped and threatened by Cheung but most were not willing to make it public. There are various legends in the industry. However, there have been some disobedient ones.

15. “Little Sweetie” (“Siu Tim Tim”) Kung Yu Sum, Nina Wang

Kung Yu Sum

16. In 1950s, Chinese Hong Kong businessmen led by Henry Fok Ying Tung broke into the previously British monopolized Hong Kong real estate market and set off a real estate frenzy. However, 10 years later, Hong Kong land price plummeted due to credit bust and bank runs. Many Hong Kong real estate tycoons have fallen. During this difficult time, new generation of real estate developers such as Li Ka-shing, Kwok Tak-seng and Lee Shau-kee s oared the land at low prices. The Chinachem Group founded by Teddy Wang and his wife Nina Wang was amongst big winners.

17. The couple bought a large number of high-quality lots on dips. After the economic recovery in Hong Kong, these plots made them more profitable. By the 1980s, Chinachem had become one of the largest private real estate developers in Hong Kong, and Teddy Wang was amon g the top ten richest people in Hong Kong with assets of more than 10 billion. At the beginning of 1983, the Wang’s couple were kidnapped on their way to work. Teddy Wang was forced into a big fridge and got taken away. Nina Wang was released to prepare ransom for Teddy.

18. Nina Wang wired $11 million ransom to Taiwan, but the money was seized by the police. Subsequently, the police were able to catch the kidnappers in Hong Kong through various clues and Teddy Wang was rescued. This incident was sensational throughout entire Southeast Asia. After Teddy Wang was rescued, he blamed Nina Wang saying that she was giving kidnappers money too easily and the kidnappin g could happen again. Who would thought his prediction became reality later.

19. Although Teddy Wang has since became more careful and strengthened his security. He even installed a tracking device on the soles of his shoes. Unfortunately, Still, Teddy Wang did not manage to escape from the kidnappers. In April 1990, Teddy Wang encountered a “Under Construction” road sign on his way home after squash. He was ambushed by the kidnappers when he got off his car to check. Being pointed on his head by a gun, he was taken by the kidnappers. These kidnappers drove him to a pier, pushed Teddy Wang on a wooden boat and sailed to the high seas. Teddy’s shoes with hidden tracking device were thrown into the sea, too.

20. Later, the kidnappers put up ads in Hong Kong Oriental Daily and Sing Tao Daily requesting Nina Wang to get in touch with them. They even proposed a ransom of $1 billion US dollar, with the first instalment of $60 million. Nina Wang followed kidnappers’ instructions and deposited $30 million US dollar into a specified bank account. After Nina Wang failed to see her husband’s return, she reported to the police for assistance. Although the police managed to capture the kidnappers eventually, Teddy Wang was never seen again. His whereabouts remain to be a mystery.

21. The CCP and the underworlds of Hong Kong and Taiwan work together from doing evil things and money laundering end-to-end. UK or Japan’s education can’t reform these bastards with shared Chinese culture. These people are black sheep to all China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. Will they continue expanding their ‘mafia’ style internationally? Or should they establish a democratic and free society with faith, morality and order?

22. May 19, 2017, Miles Guo’s broadcasting:Hong Kong is in red terror and the hardest hit of corruption. Pro-establishment camp of Hong Kong seeks their selfish ends by selling out Hong Kong and cheating Hong Kong people. They shield mainland police to “enforce” the law stealthily. Many people had conscience but became corrupted for money. If you love Hong Kong, you have to uphold the Basic Law and stand up against corruption and threat. Anti-unlicensed police, anti-ruling by unlicensed police, and anti-ruling under corruption if you love Hong Kong.

23. Let’s look back on what I said on May 19, 2017. The history has verified my words from two years ago. It would scare you to death if I told you the truth about Hong Kong. How many HK’s billionaires dare to say no corruption in mainland or the severity of the corruption scale. Hong Kong is where the money of Mainland flows and the hardest hit of corruption. In-and-out of funds, collusion between government and business, trading between power and sex, cheating ordinary people and murdering or arson? Evil, so-called mafia. Hong Kong is the hardest hit of corruption. Big things will be exposed. Let’s wait and see. Everything is just beginning.

24. In these days, I have been thinking about all the messages I received and I can write about them for many days. It is exciting. This might involve the entire world and billions of people. This are related to many people’s happiness, safe, family’s joy and togetherness. I would said it again: I hope with the help of my expose broadcasting, all overseas Chinese could go back home to be toget her with family.

25. There are 1.7 million HK people watching Miles Guo’s broadcasting. A HK taxi driver was on his way to Shenzhen a few days ago. The police checked his phone after he went through customs. The police asked him if he had Miles’s video in his phone. He handed his phone with HK number to the police directly since Miles’s video was in another line with Mainland number. He asked the police why he checked. The police replied that it was an order from his leaders.

26. In Hong Kong, there were many officials from Beijing. A special team, led by Vice-minister Ma Jian has been tracking these officials for 3, 4 years. Those HK officials, who were usually not too greedy with money but to sex they were very much lowest of the low. One official should know whom I talked about since we have met several times over drinks. Those officials would be threatened by their video (shot by someone when they had sex with prostitutes).

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