Pepper Spray at Close-Range; HK Riot Police Ignores Fallen Woman

Feb 29 marks the sixth month after the 831 Attack. Citizens gathered in Mongkok to pay tribute to the casualties, and protest against police brutality.

Photo credit: Flash Media

However, police’s violence escalated into indiscriminate use of weapons towards citizens.

Photo credit: Flash Media

At around 23:15 o’clock, one mid-age woman, apparently a passer-by, was pepper-sprayed in close range. She fell down, but riot police ran by ignoring her.

Photo credit: Flash Media

Reporters were pepper-sprayed as well- just as police’s usual “friendly” behavior towards the press.

Photo credit: Flash Media

From the photo above, it is clearly seen that the reporters were sprayed deliberately, even their cameras could not escape from that.

Source: Flash Media

Contributor: GM02

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Mar. 04, 2020