The secret behind “zero new novel coronavirus confirmed case” in China

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Key point: Instead of postponement of diagnosis or controlling the quota of nCoV quick test kits, CCP cut off the way from communities to hospitals to block the increasement of suspicious/confirmed cases. Those suspicious or even “look suspicious” people were secretly transferred to special holding places by law enforcement staffs from the communities, rather than getting diagnosis/treatment in the hospitals.

If overseas experts only focus on the current situation of new confirmed cases in hospitals in China (esp. out of Hubei/Wuhan), most probably they would believe what CCP announced as “zero new cases” and “the overall status getting better”, because the medical staffs in the hospitals are also cheated by CCP’s trick.

CCP is in a hurry to get rid of “PHEIC” from 30 Jan. Meanwhile, the potential economic breakdown is a critical issue for the regime. Therefore, the government need to play the tricks to change the emergency situation.

The steps along the time are as below:

“Turn-over point” schedule- Very strict “close-off” management in communities all over China – video/audio released to reflect how hilarious the poor common people get arrested or locked at home during that period –

Reach “Turn-over point” and “zero new cases” – Propaganda of “return to work” is correlated with “zero new cases” – update of diagnosis guidance and standards of discharge – forced discharge followed by re-quarantine for 14 days – medical staffs working on nCoV gave positive comments on “better situations in the hospitals”

1. “turn-over point” schedule:

From 28 Jan, Zhong Nanshan, China’s top medical expert predicted the peak of nCoV outbreak would be within 10 days (until 8 Feb). While on 7 Feb, he pointed out that the turn-over point was still not reached yet, which would take several more days. On 17 Feb, according to the decline of new confirmed cases from government data, Zhong said the peak would be around late Feb. It shows that the time for both turn-over point and peak are based on government data and expectation.

2. Very strict “close-off” management in communities all over China:

Since the initial actions of hiding/delaying the diagnosis of nCoV cases didn’t work well and were revealed by overseas media, CCP applied an advanced strategy. To match the supposed period of “turn-over point” and “zero new cases”, they conducted very strict “close-off” management in many cities, rather than only block the boundary of the cities from 7 Feb (

The main idea here is to cut off the potential way from home to hospitals. For example, in Jiangxi province, once you have symptoms like fever or cough, the 1st thing is to report to the office in the community. The specific staff will go to your home and send to certain hospitals using specific vehicles. The similar procedure also applied to people having symptoms in public areas


While in Shenzhen, compulsory and intensive scanning to individuals for suspicious cases is performed by law enforcement teams, which can break into anyone’s home and bring them away if necessary (

3. Loads of video/audio released to reveal the exactly hilarious behaviors to limit the freedom and human rights of innocent citizens during the “close-off” period.

For example, If you were suspicious or look sick, so-called “medical staff” or “volunteers” or law enforcement staffs could arrest you and immediately transfer to special holding spaces for isolation, without normal medical care (e.g. Mr. Miles Guo has revealed that several big storehouses in Shenzhen to isolate people, monitored by police in secret). Also, some people neighboring with confirmed patients were brutally locked in their houses by law enforcement teams, even got dead in lack of medical assistance at home.

Those records were illegal to be published online according to CCP, because CCP want to show “positive energy (正能量) to the world.


2020.02.21  北京一个小区倍救护车抓走

2020.02.24  武汉西马路养老院十几个救护车

2020.02.25  黑龙江一个小区被大批救护车全部抓走


2020.02.02  李倍喜战友总结的

2020.02.07  封门(好像是武汉)

2020.02.17  黑龙江封门

2020.02.17  整条街封门(湖北)

2020.02.18  黑龙江封门

2020.02.19  湖北暴力封门

2020.02.21  红十字封门(不知道在哪儿)

2020.02.24  湖北封门

2020.02.26  武汉的尖叫声

2020.02.26  (大纪元)武汉女爬窗下十楼买肉?官方辟谣自相矛盾(视频)


2020.01.31  武汉撞墙自杀

2020.02.17  因为没有口罩而想自杀,被救下

2020.02.18  重庆老人想见外孙,跳楼(屋内)

2020.02.18  重庆老人想见外孙,跳楼(屋外1)

2020.02.18  重庆老人想见外孙,跳楼(屋外2)

2020.02.21  上吊自杀

2020.02.23  武汉跳楼自杀

Many people who recorded or posted such information online got arrested and even disappeared.

4. Reach “turn-over point” and “zero new case”:

As mentioned in 1, from 17 Feb, “zero new case” reports successively came out all over China, which perfectly match the proposed turn-over point schedule ( & ). The overall outbreak situation in China suddenly became very positive. As shown in PIC. 1, the new confirmed cases went down in a straight line out of Hubei Province


To note, one released document from Liaoning Province government shows that staffs were demanded to destroy the files related to nCoV outbreak


5. Propaganda of “return to work” is correlated with “zero new cases”:

The Global Time called for “return to work” outside Hubei on 17 Feb ( ). Followed by up to 24 provinces in mainland China announced “zero new confirmed cases” from 18 to 24 Feb (

6. Update of diagnosis guidance followed by standards of discharge:

On 14 Feb, National Health Commission of China announced that 2019 nCoV PCR test (+) but asymptotic person will not be counted as “confirmed case” as the latest guidance ( ). This action would reduce huge amount of nCoV patients with contiguousness in the “data report”.

Meanwhile, some anonymous doctor in Wuhan posted in the most reputable medicine web (丁香园) that the patients were forced to discharge according to the update standards, which increased the recovery numbers by sending unrecovered patients back to communities. The paper was deleted soon after, but displayed in Lu De’s news broadcast in YouTube (

7. Forced discharge followed by re-quarantine for 14 days:

Along with increasement of discharge of recovery patients, a special rule got conducted in mainland China. It requires discharged people to have re- quarantine in the specific facilities of government ( 中國/2715294-武漢規定康復者出院再隔離14天/ & ) or at home ( 【新冠肺炎】成都康復者10天後「再確診」專家指出院後應再隔離兩周). There are also reports about discharged patients getting nCoV (+) again within a short time (

8. Medical staffs in the hospitals feel “better situations against 2019 nCoV”:

For the innocent medical staffs dealing with nCoV exhaustedly, they really noticed the suspicious/confirmed cases declined in the hospitals. The public information was already uniformed, and no discussion was allowed through social media. Therefore, most of experts and staffs do believe the prevention and control measurement worked, and the overall situation getting better and better.

Additional, take Shenzhen, one of the cities with most confirmed cases in China (exp. Hubei) as an example, since the strict “close-off” management from 8 Feb ( ),

the confirmed cases there got down quickly to 416 until 17 Feb (

However, one new hospital with 1000 beds for nCoV patients is still in construction in shenzhen, according to the news on 20 Feb


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