# I am Chinese, I swear #

I am Chinese. I love peace and freedom, embrace universal values, and long for democratic constitutionalism.

The Chinese Communist Party cannot represent me, and I do not recognize its legitimacy.

I have never seen a ballot, and never voted for any level of leadership. I do n’t admit that they represent me: I do n’t want to be kidnapped on their evil chariot that is at war with the world! I do n’t want to be the enemy of world civilization, I do n’t want to be the plague of the whole world, I do n’t want to be “We Chinese!”

I do not recognize that CCP can represent Chinese culture.

The Chinese culture that I agree with has a history of thousands of years. It is the fu of Chu Ci and Han Dynasty, the poems of Tang and Song dynasties. The Chinese Communist Party is less than 100 years old. They have never created culture, but since the day they conquered the Chinese land, they have begun to destroy or even eradicate traditional culture, and replaced it with a culture of struggle and rogue bandits. The Communist Party of China is the specter of communism, and the blood of Soviet Russia flows through its veins.

I don’t recognize myself as his national.

A normal country must first protect the lives and property of its citizens. However, the Chinese Communist Party has regarded the people as potential enemies since it seized power. They never cared about the lives of the people. In order to consolidate their rule, they often used one group of people to destroy the other, and constantly launched various political movements and created a large area of humanity. Disasters, hundreds of millions of abnormal deaths.

Their private use of public power, the use of state machinery, the use of military police, national policies and laws as a means to implement public ownership and nationalization of wealth belonging to individuals is tantamount to firmly holding the right to life of all in the hands of the ruler. They monopolize all resources and arbitrarily deprive the people of their right to live. Anyone who wants to live must obey them unconditionally! The 1.4 billion Chinese are nothing more than stewards, housekeepers and slaves of several red families.

I do not recognize the People’s Republic of China as my government.

The People’s Republic of China runs counter to world civilization. They have not contributed to world peace. On the contrary, they have been destroying the civilization and order that humans have worked so hard to create. They are behind the scenes to support global terrorists and even research and development of biological and chemical weapons that destroy humanity. This is not my will. I feel extremely angry and ashamed that they still represent me today!

Their children and grandchildren have everything when they are born. They do n’t have to learn and struggle to eat everything. Our children have been exploited and discriminated against from birth.

Their officials are extravagant and want to do whatever they want. Ordinary people must make a hundred times effort to survive, and even betray their conscience and dignity.

I am Chinese, but I have nothing to do with the Communist Party of China. I was born to be their enemy. They have been humiliating my personality, distorting my cognition, and doing everything possible to prevent me from thinking independently.

I am Chinese, and my motherland is 9.6 million square kilometers of land and the ever-increasing fathers and mothers on that land.

I am Chinese and my mother tongue is Chinese, but my language should be exquisite and beautiful, flexible and fertile, full of love and sunshine, not dark, insignificant, boring, and hateful.

I am a Chinese with yellow skin and black hair, but I swear that starting today, I am a citizen of the world. No matter in ideology, spirit or administrative jurisdiction, I will no longer belong to China ruled by CCP!

I am willing to stand with peace-loving, kind and brave people from all over the world and destroy the demons that threaten the safety of all humankind-CCP!

Bai Ye‘s view

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1 year ago

I swear???



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