22 People Took Chlorine Dioxide Pills According to Governors Request

Author: VOG-Jinglechenge

Mar 2.

A leaked document from CCP shows that 22 people are in danger because of they took Chlorine Dioxide Pill in Huanggang, a city near Wuhan. According to the official announcement, the 22 people were forced to take the pills ‘accidentally’.

Translation of the internal official fax:

Guidance from the municipal mayor for all government officials: 

There is a village with 14 families, a total of 22 people in Huangmei area. All of them took Chlorine Dioxide disinfectant pills “accidentally”. All other offices should use this as a reference to carry out daily jobs. You may follow this practice or use your own ways. But all should be done effectively and precisely.

The WeChat thread’s translation:

A. The nurses from Huangmei Renmin Hospital said that they were rescuing a group of more than 20 villagers who were poisoned by Chlorine Dioxide disinfectant “accidentally”. They were forced by several CCP officials to take before them.

B. So ignorant.

A. They were videotaped while being forced to take these pills for record purposes.

C. OMG! Did they not read instructions? Poor people.

D. The guy who videotaped should know the instruction, shouldn’t he?

This is just one of the innumerable tragedies that the Chinese have been suffering under CCP. No one can stand it anymore. CCP’s fall is the only way to go.

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Mar. 02, 2020