Miles Guo: Yang Jiechi is ‘Yuan Shikai’ who ended Qing Dynasty

Miles Guo had a casual chat via live stream before his all-night meeting on Sunday.

He said that an unnamed country made major decisions that would be announced in the next few days.

During the ten-minute chat, he unraveled an enigma of the new “Yuan Shikai“, the person that ended the last dynasty in China peacefully through negotiation.

It turned out that Yang Jiechi, the Director of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission Office, is the new Yuan Shikai.

So, it is a fair guess that there is a negotiation going on between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the “revolution of revelation”, an anti-CCP movement represented by Miles Guo.

Yang Jiechi was said to have played an important role in negotiating with the US after the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989. The CCP was able to dodge sanctions and survive after a televised crackdown of pro-democracy students.

History does repeat itself. Thirty years later, the CCP is condemned for its brutal treatment of the Hong Kong protesters. Instead of sending tanks, the CCP opened Pandora’s Box by unleashing the COVID-19 virus to attack Hong Kong.

The world leaders seemed to have forgiven the CCP for its crime committed thirty years ago, but now the COVID-19 serves as a reminder of the price to pay for dealing with the devil.

We hope for a peaceful resolution but still need to prepare for the worst, because the CCP’s evilness is beyond our imagination.

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Mar. 01, 2020