Hong Kong Police Brutality Continues

February 29, Hong Kong police suspected of pointing a gun at reporter.

Photo credit: Editorial Board CityU SU

As the photos shown, an officer was left alone in the police operation to disperse protesters in Mong Ko k. He was sighted holding his gun at the crowd in downtown area.

In the meantime, reporter of DB Channel, an internet media, followed tentatively to the whereabouts of the policeman, to properly execute his duty as a reporter. However, It was said that the police officer was suspected of pointing the gun at the reporter with his finger locked up on the trigger.

Photo credit: DB Channel

Again, another hard evidence of police brutality in arresting young protesters appeared in Hong Kong street.

In this video, 2 police officers were head-locking a black-clad youngster attempting to pin him to the ground and arrest him.

The officers stepped on his feet, twisted his arm backwards and pushed his head to the ground, causing the young man to scream in pain.

Source: DB Channel

Contributor: GM02

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Mar. 02, 2020