Who is Miles’ “Yuan ShiKai” among the CCP?


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Twitter #1: Exploded “Nuclear bombs!!!

Who is the contemporary “Yuan Shikai”, the governors-general during the last Emperor of Qing Dynasty?

All contents presented here are entirely fictional and any resemblance is purely coincidental. Please don’t complain if you don’t like it. Appreciate!

Mr. Miles Guo said for many times that there will be a contemporary “Yuan Shikai” and a “George Washington” in China. Well, Yuan Shikai has to show up first. So we can start digging from the shithole of the CCP’s thugs. Prepare gas mask to resist the worst stinky smells from them.

Twitter #2: Who is contemporary “Yuan Shikai”?

Here is a mind map to guide your thoughts to be clear and smooth. “Yuan Shikai” is in the map. “Scavenger hunt” is on.

If there is any mistake identified in the map due to DT’s careless, please do not hesitate to point it out.

It is time to end of the last “Utopia” of the CCP centered around the last emperor Xi.

The supreme ruler of this is Jiang Zemin. There is no else who can compete with him.

Footnote for the Diagram of “Who is contemporary Yuan Shikai?”- drawing: @DTinLAC @HimalayaSquad

• The last Emperor Xi Jinping
• Jiang ZeMing: Queen Lafayette Dowager Cixi (Behind the scene)
• Li Keqiang: Queen Wan Rong, preparing soy sauce (errand boy)
• Li Zhanshu: a Red (military family background) Princeling who graduated from Hebei Normal Night School, hello sir (a footman).
• Wang Yang: Graduated from the CCP doctrine school, what is your plan? (Do you even have a plan?)
• Wang Huning: The follower of Lafayette, the Grand Eunuch Li Lianying (the first lady “maid” )
• Zhao Leji: a graduate from GongNongBing (workers, farmers and soldiers) University who had turned in his “worst behavior” documentation. He supports the person who is the last Emperor. It is hard to image on his outcome.
• Han Zheng: 11th First Vice Premier of the People’s Republic of China, Have you made arrangement for your overseas lovers and illegitimate children?
• Wang Qishan: “Iron Hat” King, Pu Wei (a princeling by marriage who got a high-ranked title through political struggles)
• Meng Jianzhu: Meng Jianguo Prince-Regent Zai Feng (who helped to but actually supervise the state affairs)
• Sun Lijun: Meng Jianzhu’s number one assassin and Mrs. Meng Jianzhu’s favorite sex partner! They also share the same lover, Dong Qing!
• Wang Yi: current Foreign Minister, All nonsense! Close the door and let Wang Yi out (Wang Yi is a watchdog)!
• Yang Jiechi: Former of Wang Yi, not former girlfriend. Former foreign minister of CCP

Twitter #3: Who is contemporary “Yuan Shikai”?

We can analyze who Yuan Shikai is from this map.

Let’s start with a question, who released the virus in Zhongnanhai?

A report claimed that at least 3 members from Zhongnanhai would die and be sent to incinerator in Babaoshan in March. Therefore, 7 members of the Standing Committee can be ruled out from the list. Jiang Zemin, the old toad, won’t do this. Wang Qishan? What are you talking about? Wang Qishan won’t do this, either. What if I think Wang Qishan did! Who would execute it for him? Of course, it would be either Meng Jianzhu or Sun Lijun. Aren’t they his assassins?

Twitter #4: Who is contemporary “Yuan Shikai”

Who else in Zhongnanhai dared to do this? No one.

What is the purpose? To kill? To kill members of Standing Committee? Maybe it would be better to kill Xi. Then the number 2 in command, the “Iron Hat King” (see footnote above), can take over the throne himself.

So, it is Wang Qishan who released the virus in Zhongnanhai.

Wang was thinking, “I won’t be scared even you guys in Zhongnanhai are great and invincible. I can release the virus. “

Are you awaken now, you who are dashing to the incinerator in Babaoshan?

Twitter #5: Who is contemporary “Yuan Shikai”?

It seems that Wang Qishan is the “Yuan Shikai”. There is no hurry here. We just start to analyze it.

What about Meng Jianguo? Can’t Meng be the “Yuan Shikai”? Meng is much crueler than Sun Lijun. Although they both slept with Dong Qing (I can’t figure out if they have been threesome nor who is the father of Dong Qing’s son here)! The boss should maintain a boss’s style and magnanimity even his lover slept with his footman. One can only smile at him but never get mad.

Twitter #6: Who is contemporary “Yuan Shikai”?

When Sun Lijun spent time with Jiang Qifang, Meng Jianzhu’s wife, in the US, Sun Lijun was ordered by Meng Jianzhu to take a great care of Meng’s wife. Mrs. Meng was quite satisfied with Sun’s (blow) job. (Cough, cough, cough, I can’t describe further, please use your imagination……)

Would Yang Lan, the “common key hole”, be jealous when she heard Sun and Meng shared Dong Qing?

Bruno Wu (Yang Lan’s husband) can only say one word, F**, silently.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-9.png

Twitter #7: Who is contemporary “Yuan Shikai”?

Moving along here, who would be the next? Oh, “All nonsense” dude ~~ Is this Bo Xilai or Wang Yi? Of course, it is Wang Yi!

When I look at his picture at first sight, Ithought I saw a ghost. Who? It’s the devil – Zhou Enlai!

This dude was excessively bad tempered and quite tenacious.

I mean, how can you just open your stinky mouth saying ” all nonsense” in front of many medias? This person was superficial, cannot hold things down and in and of course, he can not carry on big ‘shit’ (same phonics in Chinese as mission).

Oh no I was ‘wrong’. He could not carry on big ‘mission’.

Twitter #8: Who is the modern Yuan Shikai?

Then next one is Yang Jiechi!

Well, something just crossed my mind… Miles Guo have mentioned several times that this person is cunning and is also at a Pope-like level in Wang Qishan’s “Shuang Xiu”, evil Bonpo’s sexual practice involving two persons: himself with virgins of ages 16, 12, or 8!

That little face of him is like a comedian ~~~ That pair of bright but green bean-sized eyes of his gave people great impression ~~~

Yang Jiechi is more than his look. He was once called “Tiger Yang” by the past W. H. Bush.

Twitter #9: Who is contemporary “Yuan Shikai”?

Yang Jiechi, born in Shanghai in 1950.

“篪” refers to a type of flute. How about you change your name to Yang “big dough-rolling stick”? (Footnote: Flute, dough-rolling stick, and ‘dick’ share the same shape.)

A professional diplomat and a senior leader of the CCP, he graduated from the department of History, Nanjing University, with a major in World Histor y and had a PhD in History. He is currently a member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee (CPCCC), the secretary-general and director of the office of the Central Foreign Affairs Committee, and the secretary-general of the Central Leading Group for Taiwan Affairs.

(This son of bitch is also one of the Jiang’s clan! )

Twitter #10: Who is contemporary “Yuan Shikai”?

Continue on Yang Jiechi:

Deputy Leader of the Central Working Coordination Group for Hong Kong and Macao Affairs. Former State Councillor and Member of the Party Group of the Twelfth State Council.

He has worked in the Chinese Embassy of the United States for 12 years and has established good relations with the Bush family. According to media reports, under some certain circumstances, the Bush family will choose to communicate privately with Yang Jiechi as the first channel to ‘communicate’ with the CC P regime. Channel? I think this meant the sewer for exchanging filthy and dirty deals! The background story is kind of complicated here!

Twitter #11: Who is contemporary “Yuan Shikai”?

On November 26, 2019, Yang Jiechi, or Yang “Dough-rolling stick” and a member of the Politburo of the CPCCC and the director of the Office of the Central Foreign Affairs Committee, accepted the Xinhua News journalist’s interview on recently passing “the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Ac t 2019” by the U.S. Congress and expressed strong condemnation and opposition to the United States’ action on this!

He is just another old bastard of the CCP.

Twitter #12: Who is contemporary “Yuan Shikai”?

Do you still remember Mr. Miles Guo has mentioned Yang Jiechi for many time in his livestreams since April 2018! He mentioned Yang is a very important person!

Yang Jiechi is the one who wants to become “Yuan Shikai”!

Yang Jiechi, belongs to the Jiang’s family and is also the raider that Jiang Zemin planed to use. Yang is experienced and can handle every aspect of foreign affairs very well. He has also been accusing the US for Hong Kong problems and this has wonpraises from Jiang Zemin. Although Yang also belongs to Wang Qishan’s cult. But since both of them belong to “Shuang Xiu” cult, who isn’t in senior position of the CCP?

Twitter #13: Who is contemporary “Yuan Shikai”?

Adding hot spice to the boiling Zhongnanhai “Hot (shit) Pot” here to keep it “boiling”. On one hand, you have to keep an eye on Wang Qishan for his “poisoning” using virus but on the other hand, you have to worry that Yang “Big stick” takes over the high position under the Jiang’s support. Meanwhile, the whole world is watching the Zhongnanhai, the center shit pit! .

In addition, Babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery’s incinerators are calling gently, “Come here, my dear leaders, come here for me to serve you…… “

(Stay tuned…)


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