Health QR Code, Big Data into Kindergarten

Author: BoredBug

As revealed by the messages in a WeChat group for parents of kindergarten children, Shanghai Leading Group Office for Epidemic Prevention and Control (“EPC”) of the Noval Coronavirus Pneumonia issued a Notice on Promoting Use of “SuiShen Code Health” (code for declaring health status anytime, referred to as “Health Code” hereinafter) to its subordinate EPC groups on February 28, 2020, urging them to promote this Health Code app to all the citizens and enterprises in various industries. 

According to the notice, after declaring their information via the app, the declarants each will be given one of the three types of codes (green code, yellow code, and red code) according to their health status, the origin of coming, the extent of contact with infected cases, etc. Those with green codes are allowed free pass in the city whereas those given red and yellows codes are forbidden to go into public places and should accept the corresponding treatments or quarantine administrative measures on their own initiative. The green health code will become the pass for entering residential communities, industrial parks, commercial buildings, and administrative, public service and medical institutions, without any other certificates required. This health code system will be implemented not only in Shanghai but also in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui provinces to encourage people to go back to work and enterprises to resume production – Yes, this is the primary purpose of the app. 

This EPC tool is a major step to loosen the month-long social distancing measures(lockdown more than half of China). However, we all know that the incubation period of the disease can be as long as 40 days with a nonnegligible percentage of the infected cases being asymptomatic though highly infectious and no one knows when and where there will appear one or two or more superspreaders who are capable of infecting scores or hundreds of people having contact with them. Besides, according to a report on (“How COVID-19 Is Spread”,, “based on previous studies of viruses such as MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV, at least some human coronaviruses could remain infective on materials such as metal, glass, or plastic for up to nine days”, and “However, the CDC notes that frequent incorrect usage and the slippage of masks when people breathe or talk make them ineffective as protection from respiratory pathogens.” We have every reason to believe the officials of the CCP at and above municipal levels know very well how dangerous this disease is and what catastrophic consequence the resumption of work will bring, but they still forcefully push forward their evil plan simply for rescuing the last breath of their regime. They have ordered not cardiopulmonary resuscitation machines or breathing machines which will be too costly for treating the enormous number of to-be cases but cremation equipment for coping with the annoying result and eliminating the burdensome evidence of their evil decision. 

Furthermore, in such an Orwellian society, any seemly well-intentioned tool may have an insidious side to it. We wonder if the code granted can be manipulated to restrict activities of the dissidents, whistleblowers, citizen journalists and others considered as posing threats to the governments. If yes, then it will become a powerful patch for the social credit system, upgrading its role of suppressing unstable factors in the society.

However, despite all that causes worry about this app, many people, some of whom, out of deep faith in the great, glorious, and always-correct image of the CCP, do buy into their propaganda about the improvement of the epidemic, and some others of whom are either ignorant of the severity of the disease or struggling under pressure of living, decide to take the risk and go back to work. Alas, we could only pray that the final retribution will soon befall the CCP. 

Source: Official Announcement from Shanghai Government.

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Mar. 02, 2020