[CCP] Force Healthy People to Buy Traditional Chinese Medicine

Author: VOG-Translation-Team, BoredBug

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) Administration, Medical Products Administration, Healthcare Security Administration, and Administration for Market Regulation of Heilongjiang Province jointly issued a Notice on Promoting Use of New TCM Formula for Preventing Novel Coronavirus among Health People (No. “HeiZhongYiYaoFa[2020]8”) on February 25, 2020, to their subordinate government departments, recommending a new TCM formula said to be developed by the experts organized by the provincial TCM Administration according to the TCM theory of “preventive treatment of disease” and in consideration of the local geographical characteristics, climate, and constitutional features of the local people. The formula is composed of 7 TCM ingredients (Agastache rugosus, perilla leaves, mint, dandelion, dried orange peel, fresh ginger, and Jujube) and suggested to be prepared by decoction or brewing and taken once a day for 10 consecutive days. 

Well, anyone who has any basic idea of TCM knows that TCM emphasizes the diagnostic process of looking, listening, questioning and feeling the pulse before prescribing any medicine because each person has his/her distinctive constitutional features, temperament, emotions, and life/work style which tilt the balance of his/her body in a certain way and make him/her susceptible to specific causes of diseases. As a holistic way of treatment, TCM aims to treat the illness by restoring the harmony of one’s body rather than cure the symptoms. Obviously, this omnipotent medicine is not going to help all the people, each different in his/her way. The experts have neither produced any clinical test report, as is expected for western medicine, to prove the efficacy of this medicine nor respect the underlying philosophy and basic principles and procedures of TCM which they purport have a special edge on preventing coronavirus. Such practice bears more resemblance to the Four Pests Campaign instigated by the CCP and finally becoming one of the major causes for the Great Chinese Famine of 1959-1961. The CCP has never learned any lessons from its own historical mistakes but sticks to its nonsensical governance theory of crossing the river by feeling for the stone even if such unscientific experiments may cost many lives of its people. 

Another thing fishy about this medicine is although the production and sale of the medicine are monopolized by two subsidiaries of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, the medicine is sold at rock-bottom prices (RMB 1.1 for a packet of sliced herbs and RMB 2.3 for a packet of decoction) and is even covered by health insurance – at least that is what is written in the notice. However, according to a WeChat discussion, a guy complained that his/her father’s institution has dispensed 7 packets of this medicine to each of its employees (more than 600 people), telling them the price of the medicine is RBM 300/packet, which means they each receive RMB 2,100 for this “welfare benefit”. The problem is they cannot reject and cash in this benefit because the institution has paid for it, meaning that the money was paid from the employees’ welfare account and the employees may even have to pay income tax for it. That is just another version of turning a seemingly noble cause into an outrageous profiteering business even at the juncture of epidemic control. 

With the pressure for the resumption of work from the central committee driven by the CCP’s desperate need to stabilize the precarious financial system and the dictatorial regime, the obsequious local governments are bound to come up with more preposterous ideas that are conducive to this end and epidemic control and lucrative to their relatives or partners. 

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Feb. 27, 2020