Late night of Wuhan

Written by GM70 and translated by Arthur.

Screaming from the otherwise quiet night piercing through the horror sky!

People got trapped in houses and no longer bear more the viruses and sealed doors, closed neighborhood. In the quiet dilemma, people finally shout out!

Kids, youngsters, ladies, elders, their desires for freedom and health and eager for breach the insulation bars, spread to all corners of the world!

If you listen carefully, you can tell how many of the shouting came from kids, or our young friends, they lost freedom and honor as human-being, SOS, SOS, SOS, people trapped in Wuhan need to be freed, people have their instinct desire to “stay alive!”, the shouting for help will wake up more people!

This will be a ticking bomb that will blow up the devils! HuHuHu! It will echo over Wuhan…!

Click here for the original video.

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Feb. 25, 2020