Miles Guo: The CCP aims to produce a million mobile incinerators (Part I)

Miles Guo’s live broadcast Feb 22.2020. (Part I)

The communist party aims to produce a million mobile incinerators and will distribute across entire China. If the death toll is 2000, why would the CCP increase the production of the mobile incinerators?

The sky over Wuhan, Chongqing, and some parts of Shanghai at one point, the sulfur dioxide level was soaring to 1700ug/m. There are 47 funeral homes in Wuhan. At least Hubei province has 2000 crematoria, and that means 100,000 people can be cremated a day; why on earth they need mobile incinerators?

Beijing is out of control due to the novel coronavirus. The number of the death toll is higher than what the government reported. The virus spread due to military personnel from Wuhan who came to Beijing. However, the Beijing Military took it seriously, and many people were quarantine secretly.

The virus in the Wuhan laboratory is man-made. To be clear, this virus, which is not a natural origin and is man-made. It is equivalent to a biological weapon.

The Wolrd Health Organization’s advance team and CDC arrived in Wuhan, but they will be under the watch of Sun Lijun. All the information provided to them is giving by the Ministry of Public Security. All the experts will be invited to visit level 4 biosafety lab in Wuhan because the PLA had removed all the evidence that could be used against them.

According to Miles Guo, these experts from WHO and CDC will be used by the CCP as a tool to fool the entire world. This is one of their propaganda strategies to cover up their lies, dishonesty, and evilness.

Another plague may break out in Hong Kong if Hong Kong continues to create difficulties for the communist party. Wang Qishan will take measures against Hong Kong according to his “Seven Strategies Against Hong Kong.”

To be continued…

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Feb. 22, 2020