Miles Guo: Sun Lijun has arrived in Wuhan, ready to execute the killing plan!

Miles Guo’s live broadcast on Feb 20.2020.

Who is this senior Chinese government official, Sun Lijun? Why is he in Wuhan? What’s the relation between him and Wang Qishan? All the Shanghai Gang are in Wuhan, including Jho Low, the illegitimate son of Meng Jianzhu.

The Chinese Communist Party forced everyone to return to work on February 29.

At the same time, Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, and Founder Group controlled by Jiang’s family, and Fan Yifei, the Vice President of the People’s Bank of China, was working with the Bank of Beijing on debt restructuring, amounting to 160 billion yuan.

Thirty-one large enterprises filed for bankruptcy; these bankruptcies are not actual bankruptcy; this is an action of stealing national wealth.

The super level-4 biosafety laboratory in Wuhan is part of the Nanputuo plan.

The Chinese communist party wants to win the economic and propaganda war. They will use their influence in the West to convince the public that this coronavirus is origin from animals. However, if this plan fails, they will find a scapegoat to blame on.

The Chinese Communist Party wants to normalize the factories, the economy, and society and making sure that it will not become a problem for the CCP. However, they will take this opportunity to blame everything on this crisis, to divert all the social issues that are within China.

The situation in Beijing has also become tense, and circumstances in Wuhan has become white-hot. In the future, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Xinjiang, and other forces from all over the world will bring more blows to the CCP.

The provincial government repurchased Hainan Airlines for 10 million yuan, turned it from a state-owned enterprise into a private one. Its value increased by 200,000 times, leaving the Hainan government with a debt of 60 million yuan.

The CCP has already opened the Pandora box and decided to sacrifice the entire Hubei province, 60 million people, to ensure its economy and regime.

This novel coronavirus crisis is not going to go away in six months or within a year!

On February 29, it will be a watershed!

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1 year ago

What is watershed? Does it mean clear seperation of one stream become two stream?



Feb. 21, 2020