Lest We Forget: HK Civilians Mourned the Death of 15-year-old Student Chan Yin Lam

Lest We Forget: Civilians mourned the death of 15-year-old student Chan Yin Lam, three civilians were arrested.

Hong Kong Civilians gathered at Sheung Tak Estate Car Park to mourn the death of the 15-year-old student Chan Yin Lam, who went missing and was found floating naked in the sea few days later on 19 Sep 2019, and her cause of death is still unknown.

Riot police stood by in Sheung Tak Estate, conducted stop and search to citizens and residents. They kept using torches with strong beams pointing to a residential unit at Beverly Garden.

PSHK reporter claimed that at least three citizens have been arrested.

Later, riot police set cordon line at the estate and used torches to shine strong light beam at civilians.

A team of riot police left to clear roadblocks set by protestors.

Sources: PSHK, HKGolden, The Wanderer

Contributor: GM02

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Feb. 21, 2020