The Farm: BREAKING: HNA Group nationalization, updates

According to Zerohedge — and as reported by Bloomberg — one of the largest multinational conglomerates in China (co-founded by the murdered Wang Jian), HNA Group, is on the cusp of being nationalized by the CCP. As one of the “zombie conglomerates” — like Anbang Insurance which has been rocked by scandals — HNA has been under siege lately in a number of areas critical to its operations, like its airlines and debt service loads. Many of these have been previously noted by mainstream media outlets.

An additional data point is the continued behavior of HNA Group in selling its subsidiaries. Just a few days ago, they sold another smaller low-cost airline called “West Air” after recently divesting of “Beijing Capital Airlines, Urumqi Air and Beibu Gulf Airlines.” This is because HNA Group has recently been forced to consolidate its debt — the core CCP owned businesses appear to be scrambling to deal with their debt service. HNA Group already began selling off its stake in Deutsche Bank in 2018.

The Farm: Estimated Financial Outlook for RMB

As a reminder — this is all a distraction from the fact that the CCP is burning an alarming number of corpses, blanketing the country in sulphur, and generally conducting what we would consider “unholy business”.

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Feb. 19, 2020