Stocks Market Pricing In

No matter what has happened since 2019 nova coronavirus outbroken, world stocks markets kept rocketing and overcoming new high levels all the way. But we’d better keep alert when something seems uncommon according to the TA.

Have a look of the symbolic index like SPX500, the 5th wave almost done plus top deviation, moreover, the upper wedge was broken downside, every sign points to a start of recession.

4 hours chart of SPX500

Daily chart of SPX500 shows more evidence of the imminent correction southward of the market such as obvious top deviation plus over bought.

daily chart of SPX500

Another solid proof of one of the most notorious Chinese company listed in HK market, Tencent is pricing the more and more uncontrollable pandemic not only in China, but also outbreak all over the world. Who can haul the coming sell-off when the chart shows the typical top signals including the end of 5th wave with top deviation?

daily chart of Tencent listed in HK stocks market

My conclusion is the financial market is pricing the dangerous risk of uncertainty which could cause further panic anytime as every one understands well the pandemic has huge potential impact not only on public health and safety, but also the fragile international economy.

The crooked guys in Wall Street might be in one pair of pants temporally for a while to buy back synchronously. They could still pretend everything is under control and the market will go up and up. But what if someone of them found something wrong and would like to betray them to avoid the risk of the scheme?

It’s time to sell, no matter what the propaganda says. They are never honest, not once.

All the opinions are not to be taken as strategy to trade in the market, only for reference.

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1 year ago

Dear LaoJiang Sir, I read and like your articles very much and some of the financial analysis you have in the current market is very interesting. I also puzzled why the stock markets in general are still breaking new records and sustaining at a very high level. It is completely irrational in the current political and coming economics performance of most of the countries. May I know when is your next update of the Gold analysis? I notice prices have been inching up these few days and it is very strongly supported, even when US stock indexes are up, Gold… Read more »


有象棋大师说,棋盘上最重要的棋子其实是卒子,就看你能把卒子放在哪里发挥作用。 我愿意作这样最起作用的卒子。 Feb. 17, 2020