CCP internal chaos: send military to fight virus; hospital director died

Instead of getting help from the World, the Chinese Communist Party is fighting the virus in secrecy by sending military medics to Wuhan. A hospital director died of Covid-19 infection. Mask shortage continues.

Covid-19 has taken many lives especially those medical personnel at the frontline with insufficient protections and long working hours. Instead of getting experts’ help from CDC, China is sending more military medics to Wuhan and tighten its social media control to hide epidemic related information.

Send the military to fight the virus

Undoubtedly, this kind of military show is also to boost the confidence of the Chinese people. The casualty among the military medics can also be kept from the public eye. Right now the casualty among the Chinese civilian doctors has drawn world attention after the death of Dr. Li Wenliang.

China also reported the successful plasma therapy from a recovered patient with immediate results in just 12-24 hours. But the Chinese netizen reported that such treatment is reserved for the privileged high officials not for ordination people. Because the donors of plasma have to go through strict health screening, it is speculated that the young healthy soldiers could be potential plasma donors.

According to Miles Guo’s disclosure, President Xi controls about 80% of the Chinese military while his opponent, the Shanghai Gang led by Wang Qishan and Jiang Zeming, are controlling many other areas including health and medicine. Many precursors of the viral attack indicated that the Shanghai Gang had prepared for this viral attack, so President Xi was somewhat kept in the dark and now is fighting the virus with limited resources he has such as the military.

The Shanghai gang wants to use the epidemic to bring down President Xi. They are not doing much to fight the virus. Instead, they are using propaganda machines they control globally including to make President Xi take full responsibility for the epidemic.

This is a cruel internal political fight within the CCP and it will not end until one side falls.

Director of a hospital died of Covid-19

A Chinese Weibo post reported that the director of Wuchang hospital died of Covid-19 on Feb 17.

Mr. Liu Zhiming is the first hospital director to die of Covid-19. He was a renowned neurosurgeon and he will be greatly missed by his colleagues.

An announcement of Dr. Liu Zhiming’s passing. He was 50 years old when he died.

The shortage of masks continues

The CCP has confiscated all masks sent from overseas and has been hoarding masks without selling them to the people.

A guy in the video came back home empty-handed without finding any masks, but he came up with a solution…

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Feb. 17, 2020