Dr. Li’s possession, Director Lan made an amazing move

Author: VOG-WenZi

Recently, the website of the Nanning Discipline Inspection Commission announced that Mr.Lan Zhi, the director of the Health and Medical Commission’s office, was removed because he disclosed ‘false’ information about the epidemic in the public. Although we do not know what messages Director Lan sent to his fellow citizens and his family. But this does not affect us to find out the truth of this news.

  1. Director Lan was dismissed because of “unauthorized dissemination of false information about the epidemic situation”, so it is obvious that the Chinese Communist Party must have red-headed documents and strict disciplinary requirements in such matters: before publishing false information, every kleptocrat, as part of the gang, must be in the same pace, unified organization, and action. Especially in the face of major public affairs, they must wait for the command and password of the Party Central Committee before they can release such false information. In this case, the fact of reversing the black and white and fabricating facts by the CCP has been firmly established. There is no need to deny it. So that being the case, the epidemic, all news about the source of the virus and the prevention and control of the epidemic is completely fictional and fabricated, without any scientific basis and reference values. Of course, the CCP cannot be so stupid to take off their underwear in front of everyone, revealing their pickled cucumbers in public to get ugly!
  2. Then, could it be said that Director Lan was dismissed because he disseminated information about the actual epidemic situation without an authorization? It is impossible to think about it. When the Chinese nation has reached a point where its very existence is at stake, there are party members rushing ahead to report the truth of the epidemic to the people. It is not necessary for the CCP to make a big deal and to be magnified, let alone make a decision of dismissal. So, here we have a basic understanding. The CCP was planning to set up a negative example, admonishing some members of the CCP, but did not expect that the CCP could not help but miss the bottom.
  3. Since the word “unauthorized” is a word of extraterrestrials,after removing the word, there should be the original intention of the CCP: Director Lan “disseminated false information about the epidemic situation and was dismissed.” Calm down, we can’t help but ask again, why did the director act against the wind and release false information? Why he lied to his family, fellows, and friends, and lost his officer hat and good future? Is there such a silly CCP official? It stands to reason that the leaders of the Communist Party of China are all highly educated and highly qualified. Is he also infected with coronavirus and blocked nerve endings?

To sum up, what Lan told his fellow friends about the epidemic is absolutely the truth. What he did just pierced the hypocrisy of the Chinese Communist Party, but the act of revealing the news was caught by the Chinese National Security. The CCP was destroyed by its own carefully cultivated objects, and it was obviously furious, so he was implanted with a name that violated discipline and made a model!

From the perspective of the root cause of the incident: The Communist Party of China wanted to use the personal case of the leader as a typical example, killing chickens for monkeys, giving warnings and threats to leaders at all levels who have different thoughts and ideas, and do not listen to command and spirit. But I did not expect that the short headlines turned out to be full of loopholes. It shows how anxious the CCP is. It can also be seen that this epidemic situation has caused a high degree of tension within the Communist Party of China, and it has made a mess! So we can see the serious situation of ideological wavering in the CCP.

From the perspective of sentencing: It stands to reason that a party member like Director Lan who has a weak foundation and without dependents, was hostile to the party in front of the major issue of right and wrong, standing with the masses, and has a wider scope of influence and worse social impact than the Dr. Li. eight warriors,Director Lan should have been punished more severely. But I guess it must be because the Chinese Communist Party is afraid of the anger of the masses who know the truth and the chilling effect of the Dr. Li incident. In addition, Director Lan’s fellow relatives and friends are no longer a small group similar to the Eight Warriors. Imagine if the behavior is too extreme, it will only be counterproductive and ignite the fire, causing a butterfly effect that fuels the flames.

Considering the follow-up effects of the incident: The CCP made itself clumsy this time, allowing the CCP’s behavior of deceiving the society, fooling the people, and making the ordinary people as the enemy and object of public opinion control clear to the world. The authority and trust of the Communist Party of China in the past 70 years have soon vanished. Regardless of whether it is political, military, economic, any content posted by any level of leadership is all groundless and all is a distorted fact. On the other hand, it can be seen that the CCP monitors and distrusts cadres at all levels, and it shows that the leading cadres at higher levels are not confident about the stability of their own political power. From the perspective of the whole Party, the CCP is jealous and distrustful of each other. Trust is the foundation of social stability, and distrust is the sign and fissure of shaking and collapse.

From the perspective of the motivation of personal behavior: Director Lan can tell the truth to only the closest relatives. There is no need to take such a large risk to tell friends and folks. Then, there is only one explanation. Conscience defeated the temptation of power and money, let him take the risk, and retrieved the humanity that was annihilated by selfishness and materiality!

So far, the importance of the spreading of the truth is obvious! The truth is the catalyst, which makes people regain their courage and conscience and find the true meaning of life! The more people know the truth, the safer the whistler will be. The truth protects us when it helps others. A firewall is a shackle that prevents the spreading of truth, a tool for the devil to rule the people and create contradictions! If the firewall was knocked down, the people of the world will surely understand the truth of the CCP and stand with us!

Dear compatriots and comrades-in-arms, they claimed ‘parents are not as good as the CCP.’ However, even the truth cannot be told to the people, how can they keep the Remdesivir and the free hospital beds for us. Wouldn’t it be a devil wearing a painted skin who is killing for money! In this outbreak, let’s tear off the mask disguised by the Chinese Communist Party and look at the CCP’s nature of paper tiger. It is the best time for us to fight back! The CCP’s united front is disintegrating, and its politics and economy are facing a crisis. Every time we tell the truth, it will tremble and shake its foundation. If everyone who knew the truth came to the bank to take out cash in unison and stayed together at home refusing to return to work,It didn’t take many days for the CCP regime to fall into danger and fall apart!

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Feb. 15, 2020