The Farm: The CCP Admits it has Started Mass Production of Coronavirus Treatment

In what should be understood as an admission of guilt by CCP leadership — mainstream news outlets like Bloomberg are reporting that a Chinese company based out of Suzhou has begun mass-producing the drug “Remdesivir” which can allegedly treat the virus. The problem with Remdesivir is that Gilead Sciences (the inventor of the drug) is already running experimental trials in the United States (to fight Ebola) and in theory — as with other new technology in the healthcare space — it will take time to test, gain regulatory approval, and ultimately be distributed for consumption.

A Chinese drugmaker said it has started mass-producing an experimental treatment from Gilead Sciences Inc. that has shown potential to fight the novel coronavirus…


The article follows up by pointing out that the company — Brightgene — was up 20% on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. This is a ‘next-generation’ pump and dump — and many will suffer greatly because of it. Western companies developed a cure for a manmade virus that originated deep inside of a Canadian bioweapons research lab, was stolen, augmented (or perhaps improved), and then delivered as a payload to the poor and those with already compromised immune systems. The target of this attack appears to be anyone who lacks access to a newly created and still experimental drug — which is indeed most of us.

…Suzhou-based BrightGene Bio-Medical Technology Co. said it has developed technology to synthesize the active pharmaceutical ingredients of Gilead’s remdesivir. A leading candidate to treat the virus that’s killed more than 1,000 people, the drug isn’t licensed or approved anywhere in the world. BrightGene rose 20% Wednesday in Shanghai


The truth is — the virus has already likely killed tens of thousands of people in China, while the official death toll stands under a total of 1500. The most recently revised (propaganda) numbers coming from the CCP indicate a massive upwards spike in the number infected. We can see clear attempts at disinformation with respect to the current scapegoating of Zhengli Shi — and such disinformation continues to proliferate quickly without much in the way of official response. There is substantial evidence that the CCP is covering up mass graves, mass cremations, and the fact that they caused this calamity in the first place. The CCP is now openly admitting to the mass production of a ‘cure’ — something we hope western governments have already spent significant time contemplating. Senator Tom Cotton has been adamant in his dismissal of the notion that the virus came from the natural world. The deaths of tens of thousands of people can now be partially attributed to longstanding intellectual property theft issues between countries — more than one of which (the disease, and now the ‘cure’) can trace their origins to western research labs.

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Feb. 13, 2020