Miles Guo calls for China to open its internet to curb novel coronavirus

During his live broadcast on Monday, Feb 10, Miles Guo called for China to open its internet to allow information exchange with the world during the fight against novel coronavirus.

Currently, the Chinese government puts a “Great Firewall” to prevent Chinese citizens from accessing foreign websites. Many Chinese people are still kept in the dark without enough information to protect themselves let alone helping others. And the world does not know the severity of the epidemic, either.

These are Miles Guo’s three proposals:

China must open its internet firewall to allow information transparency and international collaboration

With free access to information about the epidemic, the Wuhan people would stay in quarantine voluntarily without brutal police enforcement.

The transparency will give the international community a better understanding of the severity of the epidemic in order to provide valuable information and assistance to curb the spread of the virus.

Let the world experts like WHO and CDC to enter China to assist

When China cannot effectively contain the epidemic, it’s time for the world to get involved to solve this problem together.

If the Chinese communist regime still blocks international assistance after creating such a humanitarian disaster on purpose, the Chinese Communist Party is committing bloody premeditated murder in front of the whole world.

When a government has lost its ability to rescue its people and the ability to fulfill its governing duties including relief-provisions, this government must open its door to the world so that it can stop the pain and suffering of its people.

China should allow the use of proper medical equipment and personnel to curb the outbreak instead of relying on police and army

China now lacks proper medical equipment and masks to fight this virus. Instead, China is relying on police and army to curb the viral outbreak in a repression way.

We should ask the Chinese government what they are afraid of having world experts to help?

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Feb. 10, 2020