Impact of Cultural Revolution still continues

Many people have heard about the cultural revolution but no one can imagine the revolution still continuously affects us. It never stops.

When I was a postgraduate student a long time ago, I was a helper for the East Asia administrative law conference. During the event, my supervisor expressed his admiration for scholars from China. Most of them were 30- 40 years old and were already full Professors. He was impressed by the many young scholars with outstanding academic achievement in China.

At that moment, a Chinese scholar lowered his voice and said, “I only dare say this now since I am in Taiwan. It is not because our generation is smarter but the slightly more educated older people were all killed in the cultural revolution.”

Then, he sighed “but this is not the worst. The worst is that those illiterate who survived the cultural revolution are the leaders of this country now.”

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Contributor: GM02

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Feb. 14, 2020