Farewell, My Family

I talked to my family in China to say farewell just in case something happens to them. Nobody could make sure that we could meet another time sound and safe under such hash situation. China is trying their best to suppress the freedom of talk through internet especially when the pandemic becomes more and more uncontrollable. The future of my family members and the chance to talk with them through internet freely are less and less promising. And I have to say good-bye to them when it is not too late.

Not everyone must die of this pandemic but there is thin chance to my family to survive through it. My younger brother and his wife are clinical staffs working in hospitals which are the most dangerous front lines so far. Chinese government spares the best insured gears for the military and police instead of the medical warriors. We could find there has been more than 30% doctors and nurses down with infection in Wuhan. Scarcity of imperative bio protection facilities will surely cause more and more clinical staffs down because they have the direct contact with the patients with coronavirus. My brother’s wife told me that they have no enough mask to protect them for surgical operation. The only way is to recycle the used ones and reuse them after sanitizing.

My family is not in the big cities where the pandemic is outbreaking but I assured them that there won’t be matter of if but only when. According to my study of some documents published on The Lancet, there were 40 more or less confirmed patients reported in one hospital named Jinyintan by Jan 2 in Wuhan already. But we could see how fast it spreads nowadays and how hard it hits the people all around China. The government failed to contain the outbreak as well as the spread although hundreds of cities and hundreds of millions people were shut down as and in quarantines. Thousands of doctors and nurses are sent to Wuhan or Hubei from all over the country to offer supports only because of the great loss of the medical staffs and explosive number of patients in front line. Moreover, the government is still lying and covering the truth.

Sooner or later, my brother and his wife have to face the threats, to contact with the fatal virus without proper protection gears. They will be surely the first people down when the danger approaches them, with their only daughter and my mother who is so close to.

It was not very emotional I have to confess because we all understand everything is doomed when the evil, illegal Chinese Communist Party regime has been spoiled by the people not only domestic, but also from all over the world for 7 decades. My brother is a communist party member and has religious belief in the Chinese government so much even always laughs at me when I told him how evil and brutal the CCP lying to the Chinese people. My mother will weep when the Chinese national banner was raised with anthem being played because Chinese sport team won a gold medal during the Olympics. She insulted me with fury when I criticizing China government every time. They love the country, they love the homeland but they believe the CCP is the people’s mother, was chosen by Gods to rule the world no matter how cold-blooded, crooked, arrogant and stupid it is. Everything CCP done is absolutely great and right. So they wouldn’t accept the fact that the evil is unleashed. They are not willing to take iron measures to prepare the imminent impact because the government told the people everything is OK, the party has ability to deal with the unprecedented monster they created, the bio weaponized virus to perish the whole civilization of the human being. They are willing to sacrifice everything to fight for, to protect the Chinese Communist Party. So are many other families in China.

So be it. At least I tried. The people will suffer more than they could take if Chinese government is allowed to rule the country. So be it. The fools, not only the dummies in China, but also the greedy politicians in the west dreaming they could still benefit from the occult CCP, perhaps are willing to sacrifice with it. So be it. The world inside and outside is still not willing to accept the fact that CCP murdered hundred millions people during their dictatorship ruling time and is still plotting to kill all the people around the world with their bio-weapon.

Everyone has its own fate. Gods may not protect everyone this time but I believe the Gods will punish the perpetrators including those who helped and colluded with CCP, who said nothing when CCP is bad, for the justice of in-numerous victims like my family.

I said farewell to my family, but I didn’t say I love them this time for some reason.

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So sad for that the CCP exists in the world!



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