Guo’s Remark in 90 Seconds: Why has CCP manufactured and leaked deadly Wuhan coronavirus?

Miles Guo exposes today that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) top leaders seem to have been expecting the coronavirus epidemic.

By 10th November, the CCP kleptocrats had made large scale short selling. Typically, Jiang Zhicheng (Jiang Zemin’s grandson), Meng Haijing (Meng Jianzhu’s daughter), Gao Yanyan (Wang Qishan’s mistress) and Lee Ka-shing had sold out their stocks and equities to the buyers of the US, Europe and the Middle East.

In the meantime, Sun Chunlan, a close friend of Han Zheng, flew to Shanghai to give early warning to the Shanghai gang to stay away from Hong Kong and Hubei, the province with Wuhan as its capital city. Albeit in conflict, Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan had both agreed to abandon Hubei while defending Beijing and Shanghai.

Amid the CCP’s accusation of the US waging biological warfare against China, on 6th February, the US President Trump asked scientists to investigate the origin of the novel coronavirus. A conclusion, particularly concerning whether the virus was man made, is expected to be reported officially.

Whilst the world has been witnessing the CCP’s disinformation and mishandling of the virus pandemic, a most asked question is: Why has the CCP manufactured and leaked the deadly Wuhan coronavirus?

According to Miles Guo, the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak is likely to be an effect of political struggle, scientific boasting, and/or hateful revenge.

Firstly, the virus outbreak is more likely to be an effect of internal political struggle of the CCP leadership rather than a deliberate organisational decision. The factions respectively headed by Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan desire to beat each other. Whichever faction uses the coronavirus, the consequence has gone far beyond control. If this reason be true, bloodshed would take place at the heart of Beijing.

In spite of life-and-death conflict, both factions want to quell Hong Kong protests imminently. To introduce a coronavirus to the city, Hong Kongers would be expected to cease protests, because of either contracting or being concerned about contracting the deadly coronavirus. To crack down Hong Kong and slaughter the protestors is the main purpose of resorting to the virus. Thus Beijing has not yet give permission to Carrie Lam to close the Hong Kong border with mainland China.

Secondly, the involved leading virologists Guo Deyin and Shi Zhengli may have boasted or even lied about the controllability of this man-made virus. The P4 lab in Wuhan is a military bio-chemical weapon making institute that was officially approved and established by the CCP. The failure to contain the virus epidemic seems to demonstrate that relevant technology is either defective or immature. To leak the virus is like opening Pandora’s box. The virus cannot be put back, nor can the box be locked down. If this reason be true, Guo Deyin and Shi Zhengli would be doomed, both as scapegoats and as the CCP’s dirty-secret keepers. 

Finally, the losers launched revenge by letting out the virus. Over the year, in the name of anti-corruption, the Xi-Wang authority have purged millions of people and made tens of millions misappropriated and homeless. These people, at one time influential either in the officialdom or in the business circle, have been victimised to maximise the power and benefits to Xi and Wang. Some were wronged. Unwilling to accept the loss, many survivors have been conceiving revenge on the entirety of the Xi-Wang authority and even the society. To let out the virus is a desirable way to fulfil their goal.

The earliest unopened cases in Beijing seem to support this view. The first who died of the Wuhan coronavirus were six staff of the CCP’s Central Commission of Discipline Inspection. They became infected after detaining and interrogating the spouse of a jailed official of Wuhan. Unexpectedly the spouse had contracted the coronavirus. A few policemen also died of the virus. These cases caused such panic that Xi eventually moved his office from Zhongnanhai and is working in a more protected place. Also he dispatched Li Keqiang, the least powerful standing member of the Politburo, to Wuhan the epicentre of the virus, allegedly comforting the frontline medics.

Whatever reasons, this most lethal virus has caused a global pandemic and an enormous death toll. If it is confirmed as man-made, the CCP would be deemed to have committed anti-human crime. The whole CCP leadership, represented by Xi Jinping, Wang Qishan, Meng Jianzhu, Jiang Zemin, Han Zheng, Yang Jiechi, Sun Lijun etc, are liable for the life threatening catastrophe. Not one less, all must be brought to justice and tried in international tribunal. The CCP as a terrorist group must definitely be eliminated.

Drafted by: Guo Library

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