Coronavirus Crisis in China: Tussle for Masks

Picture 1: The police in Bazhong robbed 200,000 of the 300,000 masks we brought back from Bazhong.We were surrounded by dozens of police cars. We wouldn’t have been able to leave if we hadn’t been escorted by armored vehicles and 30 riot police.We had no choice but to leave 200,000 masks for the road.  The polices in Jintang also forcibly detained masks from  Mianyang police, the result was Mianyang police forced to pass. Jintang police completely failed.

Picture 2: Masks from abroad can’t get through the customs unless they are carried back in person. We actually took actions early, but we were commandeered halfway there. Many pre-spring festival orders for masks have been cancelled. Now not only can’t buy the mask, the mask factory in our place even is difficult to buy the materials.

Picture 3 : A mask factory in Zigong has been taken over by the government and armed police stationed there. All the mask factories in the country have been regulated. The friend who works in a mask factory planned to get 200 masks today, but he failed because the management was too strict.

Picture 4: Inner land cities are at a disadvantage. Many of the masks purchased by state-owned enterprises in Chengdu have been confiscated by different other local authorities.The face masks of Liangshan government are also intercepted, one colleagues of Liangshan said. They are all mountain Kings.


Translated by Baiye

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