Authorities Deny the Entry of War Correspondent Michael Yon to Hong Kong

Michael Yon, an independent war correspondent who had covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, has been actively reporting the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong since 2019. On Feb 5, 2020, Yon was, however, deported by the Hong Kong authorities for reasons unknown.

Yon wrote on Facebook:

“Hong Kong: Am being denied entry and deported. No solid reason. Being held by immigration. Sending me to Thailand. I will then head to Taiwan. Which also is not China. US Embassy is alerted. Thank you for all! FIGHT FOR FREEDOM! STAND WITH HONG KONG!”

[Editor’s note: In 2018, the Hong Kong authorities refused the visa renewal of Victor Mallet, a Financial Times journalist. In 2019, Indonesian citizen journalist Yuli Riswati was deported by the Hong Kong authorities. The erosion of press freedom is worrying.]

Source: Michael Yon’s Facebook

Contributor: GM02

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Feb. 07, 2020