Brother Rain Interprets CCP front page News—People’s Daily February 3rd and February 2nd.

1.North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-Un sends condolences to Xi Jinping

On February 1, Kim Jong-Un, the chairman of the Labor Party of the DPRK, delivered a letter to Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, expressing sincere condolences and support for the prevention and control of the 2019-nCoV infection in China on behalf of the DPRK and the people.

In his letter, Kim Jong-Un said that “I myself and the North Korean party and people regard the outbreak in China as their own affairs. we firmly believe that under the wise leadership of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the party, government and people of China will win the outbreak prevention and control War. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my greetings to all the CCP members and medical staff fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, express my deepest condolences to the families who have been deprived of their loved ones by the disease, and provide support to China. Dear General Secretary Xi Jinping, take care of yourself and wish the Chinese people a peaceful and happy life”.

Xi expressed his heartfelt thanks to Chairman Kim Jong-Un, the DPRK and the people for their condolences and support.

「Comments」The CCP and the Kim dynasty in North Korea have a mutual aid and co-operation treaty, which is currently the only defense treaty either country has with any nation. The Chinese people have been paying for the luxurious lifestyle of Kim dynasty for seven decades, around 208,729 Chinese soldiers died in the Korean War. CCP Kleptocrats (Wang Yi) have defied the relationship to be“comrades and friends”, that is why the two “communist tyrannies” are colluding in doing evils internationally: the Kim dynasty not only supported CCP to sent the Uighurs into concentration camps in Xinjiang but also defended CCP’s brutal suppression on Hong Kong protests.

However, after the outbreak of this virus, North Korean became the first country to close its border with China and immediately banned the entry of Chinese people. Is that what a “friend and comrade” suppose to do? Shouldn’t the Kim dynasty send out medial personnel to help CCP fight against this CCP-made-humanitarian crisis? Obviously, here is also gesture politics: by sending out these condolences, even this “little rocket man” is taking advantage of Chinese people’s misfortune. However, some CCP Kleptocrats may see his condolences as “offering fuel in snowy weather” and even feel pleased to see CCP’s BGY plans on Kim dynasty is working well.

2. Unite together and form a majestic power to fight against the outbreak of the epidemic 

The following sentences were extracted and translated from this article:

“Unity is iron, unity is steel, unity is strength.” Solidarity is an important guarantee for the Chinese people and the Chinese nation to overcome all the risks and challenges ahead and to constantly move from victory to New victory.” The ongoing struggle to prevent and control the epidemic is a profound affirmation of this conclusion. General Secretary Xi Jinping has stressed this:  “under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, we shall give full play to the advantages of socialism with Chinese characteristics, we shall tightly rely on the masses, strengthen our confidence, adopt precise measures and we have full confidence and capacity in winning our battle against the epidemic prevention and control.”  

Since the outbreak of this epidemic, the CCP Central Committee has put people’s lives and heath safety in the first place, attached great importance of the work on epidemic prevention and control, enhanced comprehensive deployments, gathered majestic forces to fight against the outbreak of this epidemic, and offered political guarantees for our efforts in winning this battle. “Concentrating our forces on major tasks” is an important important manifestation of the superiority of the socialist system with Chinese Characteristics, it is also our important weapon for dealing with public heath emergencies. The Chinese people are people with a great spirit of solidarity, “once we are united, we are invincible!” 

“From our battle against flood in 1998, to SARS in 2003 and then to Wen Chuan earthquake in 2008, these great struggles have taught us that we faced with challenges and difficulties, we need to unite our strength and work together. United under the strong leadership of the CCP Central Committee, the Chinese people can overcome any difficulties! We have confidence and capacities in winning our battle against the epidemic prevention and control! 

「Comments」Is there anything more disgusting than this type of propaganda? We all know that the outbreak of this epidemic is a CCP-made-humanitarian crisis. As Miles Kowk has said in his recent videos, In the eyes of the CCP Kleptocrats, the virus is very effective in solving the problem of population overshoot in China: “the CCP would be the greatest organization in the world if half of god-damed brainwashed Chinese people were eliminated”. I presume those Kleptocrats are now watching with malicious excitement just like Richmond Valentine (who considered human beings as “virus to mother earth” and wanted to eliminate them using his free SIM card) , villain in the movie Kingsman—the Secret Service. How evil is that! I believe the CCP Kleptocrats must have seen this movie many times! 

What is even more ironic is that this article is exalting CCP’s institutional advantage of “being able to concentrate efforts on major tasks” using the most notorious sandals in dealing with emergencies that fully exposed CCP’s inept state institutions and corrupt bureaucratic system: the 1998 flood occurred because of CCP’s “economic growth at expense of environment” development model in 1990s; meanwhile the outbreak of SARS unveiled fatal flaws of CCP’s political system in dealing with public heath emergencies and during the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, many young students and teachers were killed by the “Tofu-dreg projects” and people have complained for CCP and PLA’s disregard for life, dereliction of duty and slow reactions in life-saving. In summary, these examples are not CCP’s self-boasted achievements, on the contrary, the CCP’s got smacked in its own face and lost its institutional confidence in dealing with those emergency events. 

This time, after committing this humanitarian crisis in Hubei, the CCP Kleptocrats are setting propaganda machine in full motion to portray themselves as “big saviors”, calling on the Chinese people to join the battle for this virus together and promising to save the entire world. What a big lie! The unscrupulous Kleptocrats themselves are the disasters to this world. 

3. Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital (or “mountain Vulcan”) was completed and officially delivered to PLA

The following sentences were extracted and translated from this article:

On February 2, Wuhan’s first specialized hospital for the centralization patients infected with 2019-nCoV pneumonia—the Huoshenshan Hospital (or “mountain Vulcan”) was completed and , officially delivered to the PLA to support the Hubei medical team. It is reported that Huoshenshan Hospital (or “mountain Vulcan”) covers an area of about 50,000 square meters, its total construction area is 33,900 square meters and it can provide 1000 beds for treatment of the diagnosed patients.

「Comments」According to CCP’s data, up until January 3rd, the total number of infected people in Wuhan have already reached 11,087; it is also estimated that the suspicious cases are around 10,000. However, the capacity of this hospital is only 1000, it is still not enough to provide treatment for all infected patients. Where will they get treatment? It is no wonder some cases were reported that some infected patients had no choice but to commit suicide (they do not want to infect their families) because those hospitals simply refuse to provide treatments using “insufficient beds ”as an excuse. Poor Chinese people! Please help the people in Hubei!

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