Police Makes Illogical Demands, Disperses “Illegal” Crowds in Private Area

On the evening of February 2, in Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Hong Kong, after violent assaults on civilians by the police just 30 minutes ago, which stirred outrage among civilians present, riot police could be seen on standby with tear gas equipment.

A Media Liaison from the police asked repeatedly for reporters on-site to clear a path for them, as they claimed that “they could not see clearly whether residents directly above them were “shouting profanities [at them] or throwing stuff [on them].”

Riot police kept recording the on-goings with their video cameras, and accused the residents above for “incentivizing the people”. They then advanced and dispersed crowds on the platform of the residence, which is considered part of a private area. This caused further outrage among residents, who called for the police to leave.

Source: 蛋蛋俱樂部; Now News; Apple Daily

Contributor: GM02

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Feb. 04, 2020