China under the plague(II)

Story 1

During the plague, her father was quarantined, her brother was confirmed, and her mother died.Before her mother died, she left her a note: The cake flour is out of date. I took it away.Food has a shelf life, in the future, you’ll have to buy smaller packages because you will  be a single one. Categorize things so you will not  forget them. Don’t buy anything you have in your house, it’s a wasting. Don’t hate your mother’s nagging. Pinch every penny. Written in today.

Story 2

A pregnant woman was admitted to a hospital in Wuhan with a fever. Doctors were  reluctant to diagnose as 2019-nCoV, so she had to pay her own way. Her family had spent all the 200,000 yuan they had borrowed for her and had to give up the treatment, leading to the deaths of two people, including the baby in her belly. How many other families are there in China and Wuhan like this? How many undiagnosed cases are being hidded?

Story 3

A woman’s husband contracted Wuhan pneumonia. She contacted the hospital again and again, but was rejected time and time, because there were too many patients. She had to  stay at home with her husband and watched him get sicker and sicker. In desperation, she wrote: When we got married, we promised to take care of each other for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. Please hold on, life is long, I will not leave you… I swear by the name of husband and wife, as long as you are here I will be, if you die I will die with you… I will try my best to protect you even if give all,but please hold on!

Story 4

The father of a 17-year-old with cerebral palsy has been quarantined because of a suspected Wuhan virus, leaving his disabled son alone at home. Six days later, the son was found dead. His father didn’t give up on him for 17 years, but the Communist Party simply let him starve to death. The father’s post was deleted.

Story 5

Jeff Siddle, a British teacher from Northumberland, will be evacuated from Wuhan with his nine-year-old daughter Jasmine, but Beijing has banned his Chinese wife from boarding the rescue plane. He said , the Communist Party was breaking up his family and creating a human tragedy.


Reported by Bai Ye

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